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Home Hemodialysis

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Home Hemodialysis services offered throughout Middle tennessee

If you have kidney disease and need hemodialysis to maintain your health and the best quality of life possible, see the specialists at Southern Kidney Specialists, with locations in throughout Middle Tennessee. The skilled nephrology team offers home hemodialysis to ensure you receive the treatments needed to stay well without leaving the comfort of your home. Call the nearest Southern Kidney Specialists office to learn more, or use the online booking tab today.

What is home hemodialysis?

When you have kidney disease, your kidneys don’t efficiently filter excess fluid and waste from your blood. Home hemodialysis is a treatment for kidney disease that artificially filters toxins and fluids, doing the job of your kidneys. Southern Kidney Specialists offers this service in your home for added convenience, saving you time and money. 

How does home hemodialysis work?

Home hemodialysis works the same way as in-office hemodialysis, but you complete the treatment.

A machine called a dialyzer, which acts as an artificial kidney, filters your blood, cleans it, and returns the filtered blood back into your body.

You place two needles into an access point in your vein and connect plastic tubing that carries your blood to and back from the dialyzer. You complete the treatment while relaxing in a comfortable chair, bed, or other location of your choice within your home.

Is home hemodialysis right for me?

Your Southern Kidney Specialists provider lets you know if you’re a candidate for hemodialysis based on your medical diagnosis. It’s used for patients with kidney disease. If you meet the requirements for hemodialysis, you often have the option of being treated in your home.

How often do I need home hemodialysis?

Southern Kidney Specialists tailors each home hemodialysis treatment to your unique condition, needs, and preferences. 

Conventional home hemodialysis

You might complete conventional home hemodialysis three times a week for 3-4 hours each time.

Short daily home hemodialysis

Another option is to complete shorter home hemodialysis sessions 5-7 times weekly. Each daily treatment lasts about two hours.

Nocturnal home hemodialysis 

A third option is to choose nocturnal home hemodialysis. During this treatment, you can complete longer, slower treatments at night while you sleep for six nights a week or every other night. Each treatment session might last 6-8 hours.

Combined home hemodialysis 

Based on your schedule and preferences, the Southern Kidney Specialists team might combine daily with nocturnal home hemodialysis treatments. You must undergo routine tests to make sure your treatment works effectively. 

To learn more about home hemodialysis options, schedule an evaluation at Southern Kidney Specialists by phone or book one online today.